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A child′s first experience with a dentist establishes the child’s relationship with his or her teeth early on. The appearance of milk teeth is the first sign to bring your child to the dentist

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A bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth. It is called a fixed bridge because it is not removable. A bridge is a structure, they may also improve general, supported by teeth on either side of a space.

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Orthodontics is the dental field that straightens teeth using dental braces and wires, appliances and headgear. they may also improve general, Aside from the cosmetic benefit of properly aligned teeth.

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Cosmetic dentistry improves or restores the appearance of your teeth, and enhances your smile. While cosmetic dental procedures focus on aesthetics, they may also improve general oral health.

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Your Trusted Filipino Dentist in Dubai

The first thing that people notice about you when you first meet is your smile. Whether you are being introduced to colleagues at your new workplace or meeting an acquaintance, your smile can have an effect on the first impression you make on people. Moreover, a smile can deeply influence a person’s self-esteem. In fact, a study by the Academy of General Dentistry reveals that 96 per cent of people believe that one’s smile carries a level of importance in one’s overall appearance.

So when it comes to your oral health, there should never be any compromise. You deserve to be served with quality dental care. If you are looking for a Filipino cosmetic dentist in Al Barsha, Dubai, there is one name you can always count on – Klinika.

Entrust your dental health to a professional Pinoy dentist in Dubai

Filipinos, affectionately called Pinoy, are known around the world as hard-working, fun-loving, highly amicable people. In the corporate world, however, plenty of Filipinos are also recognised in their particular fields of expertise as thought-leaders and acclaimed experts. Here at Klinika, we pride ourselves in providing world-class dental care, coupled with the warmth and hospitality that is inherent in Filipino culture.

Our team of experienced and skilful dental specialists work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver results that exceed client expectations. Whether you need a Pinoy dentist for deep dental prophylaxis or quality orthodontics, you can trust every Filipino dentist at Klinika to meet your dental needs, with a level of knowledge and confidence that will put you at ease.

Looking for a Pinoy cosmetic dentist who can accommodate you on Fridays? Your search ends here!

Here at Klinika, our priority is the convenience and comfort of our clients. That is why our dental office is open, even on Friday. You can schedule your dental appointment on any Friday of the month, and keep your other days free for your other weekly agendas.

If you have other enquiries, feel free to visit us today

Have any questions? Want to schedule an appointment? Feel free to drop by at our clinic in Al Barsha 1, Dubai. We are open any day of the week, including Fridays, from 12 in the afternoon to 9 in the evening.

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