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Bring back the beauty of your smile with porcelain crowns in Dubai

Tooth loss is something that everyone goes through over the course of their lives. There are many causes behind this. For some, the cause is the habitual grinding they do when they are asleep. For others, it may be something more extreme, such as excessive pressure caused by using teeth to open bottles, or blunt trauma from contact sports.

Generally, however, the occurrence and rate of tooth loss is determined by the lifestyle and habits of a person. A person who frequently experiences blunt trauma to the face, such as a boxer or a rugby player, may find themselves losing teeth faster than a person who lives a more sedentary lifestyle. Unhealthy habits such as smoking can also cause faster tooth loss.

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself needing a replacement for a broken, loose, or lost tooth, you can always opt for porcelain crowns.

Klinika Dental Clinic: Where you can have porcelain crowns in Dubai fitted perfectly for you

Klinika Dental Clinic is a complete dental health clinic that offers high quality dental services at affordable rates. We seek to help people find more confidence in their smile, by providing solutions that meet their specific needs at prices that are easily accessible.

We offer consultation services, where we will sit down with you and determine your purpose for getting dental crowns. If we believe that a dental crown is suitable for you, then we will proceed with suggesting whether a full crown or a partial crown is best for your particular case.

A full crown covers the entire chewing surface of a tooth, while a partial crown only covers one or more cusps of the chewing surface.

Regain confidence in your smile with the perfect crowns for you

Our process for applying porcelain crowns in Dubai usually involves three steps. The first step is preparing the tooth to be crowned; the second step involves copying the shape of the tooth through an impression. Lastly, using the impression, our specialist will create your very own customized porcelain crown. This ensures that the fit is perfect for you, with regards to comfort and aesthetics.

So are you ready to smile with confidence once again? Visit Klinika Dental Clinic in Dubai today!